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TRIZ India Forum is a group formed by few TRIZ enthusiastic s from different parts of India, believing a systematic and structured innovation process can help improving India's innovation capability.

So it is there Now! The TRIZ INDIA FORUM has been launched on 1st November 2007. How did it happen? Prakasan created the BLOG and it is now available for all of us to discuss TRIZ and Innovation from and for India. Why India? Why TRIZ only for Innovation?India because we believe India is the world's Innovation Tipping Point now. It is going to create multiple impacts in a decade or so and the Globe will looking at the Innovation Leadership from India, if it is not already looking at it. The simple reason why India works is the inherent complexity of India to absorb and respond to more complexity that the world is creating. India thrives in complexity and thats a fantastic situation to be in.However, India also has problems of being a constrained by many ills. The solutions lies in exploring Innovation systematically. It will only happen through a country wide initiative to take us to the stage where we define the new world that we want to inhabit.We believe that Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - the TRIZ or at least TRIZ Thinking is the vehicle to catapult India into future.We Invite all readers to join in this journey @ TRIZ INDIA FORUM.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

TRIZ -Thinking - Ideal Software System

What is an ideal system? TRIZ thinking saying function achieved without resources and harm is very useful when we know the function that the system being designed need to perform.

A software system is developed more in an evolutionary way - no one knows the functionality of the system upfront. We start with something and the system typically ends in something else. In such a scenario, what is the Ideal System - do we need to look at the structure of the system rather than the function - the ideal structure that should cater for least complex system can be an ideal system?

Well we need more thoughts?


Prakasan K said...

Trying to look from a different angle, an ideal system can perhaps be the ideal function. For e.g., consider a billing software that we need to develop for a big retail shop. Translating what is ideal here from the functional angle, we can define - Ideal function should be achieving everything that a billing software can do, without increasing the cost (or reducing). We can see the functionality then can move to the super-system of the originally defined software, where the customer bills themselves!

Atul said...

I agree with you ... there is a bit of something here, which we probably miss out on ... that is, Simplicity. Something we are missing out on, not just in our working environment ... But, if we just kept things simple, it might be nice for everyone.

Of course, this would require a different way of thinking ... should this be the basis for our development efforts?

Padma S said...

I will agree with Navneet that keeping complexity away from development would be ideal. However, there is no perfect definition for complex and simple. For the developer, what he is developing is the least complex and most simple to use. But for the user, it could be otherway round.

So there comes a necessity to define certain words to the development community.

Any product which gives best of the experience (both in terms of design and functionality) to the user would be ideal to me.