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TRIZ India Forum is a group formed by few TRIZ enthusiastic s from different parts of India, believing a systematic and structured innovation process can help improving India's innovation capability.

So it is there Now! The TRIZ INDIA FORUM has been launched on 1st November 2007. How did it happen? Prakasan created the BLOG and it is now available for all of us to discuss TRIZ and Innovation from and for India. Why India? Why TRIZ only for Innovation?India because we believe India is the world's Innovation Tipping Point now. It is going to create multiple impacts in a decade or so and the Globe will looking at the Innovation Leadership from India, if it is not already looking at it. The simple reason why India works is the inherent complexity of India to absorb and respond to more complexity that the world is creating. India thrives in complexity and thats a fantastic situation to be in.However, India also has problems of being a constrained by many ills. The solutions lies in exploring Innovation systematically. It will only happen through a country wide initiative to take us to the stage where we define the new world that we want to inhabit.We believe that Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - the TRIZ or at least TRIZ Thinking is the vehicle to catapult India into future.We Invite all readers to join in this journey @ TRIZ INDIA FORUM.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Cross Post : Resources again...This time for service innovation?

One of my earlier posting talked about using “resources” for developing innovative products. This week BusinessWeek article showcased an emerging trend (that’s what they call it), Cloud Computing!! Interestingly, the article talks about Google, Yahoo etc letting to open up their huge computing power and storage space to the world. Analogy is “it's the computing equivalent of the evolution in electricity a century ago when farms and businesses shut down their own generators and bought power instead from efficient industrial utilities”.

Amazon has pioneered in this and even making money out of it. Now that Google, Microsoft, Yahoo coming to market this may even get commoditized. I wouldn’t surprise to see Intel and AMD manufacture high–end processors only for handful of companies across the world, setting up huge data center and we would buy computing power from them..! Anyway, that’s futuristic. It could even be “Other way” around; each one of our personal computer, mobile phone work as a part of Google data center (Remember SETI!)

From the TRIZ angle, I see the concept of using “Existing, cheap/low cost/underutilized/free resources” is a definite opportunity for innovation. We have resources all around us, but we don’t know; we have resources inside our system, but we don’t consider that for other activities which they are not originally intended for. At times even the harmful elements in the system are resources for solving our problems. Then the question boils down to; how do we identify them?

  • Draw a 9 Window, and identify your system-present
  • List everything you can think about in your sub-system present
  • Look everything in your super-system present
  • Identify resources unused, not effectively used, cheap/low cost. Even “people emotions” are resources!
  • Think about the future – What do you going to do with these resources in the future? Can you use them for something else?


Padma S said...

Hi Prakash,

This is an interesting article. I recently read a survey by McKinsey's 8 new Techonology Trends and one of them was "Unbundling Production from Delivery".

Sharing resources unused will definetly make it big is what I think. It will help spcially small and medium organizations to keep aside the "reach out" part of the tension and instead focus on production.

If you look at the not so IT fields like Content, Advertising or Marketing, the resource sharing is happening and response is very good. Viral marketing is catching up very fast through net ads.

The November 13 Business Week carried an article (Risky Bet) by Jeff Bezo, CEO of Amazon on what Amzon plans to do in future in bringing down the hard to understand technology part and messy logistics part.

I liked the way you have connected it with TRIZ and helps people like me who are new to TRIZ to understand and relate these topics to TRIZ. Thanks.

sanjana said...

Well written article. Yes that's true that there are many hidden resources in and around us but its all waste until and unless we discover the utility of those resources. so i expect that in your next article you will definitely through light in this matter.Thanks

sanjana said...

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