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TRIZ India Forum is a group formed by few TRIZ enthusiastic s from different parts of India, believing a systematic and structured innovation process can help improving India's innovation capability.

So it is there Now! The TRIZ INDIA FORUM has been launched on 1st November 2007. How did it happen? Prakasan created the BLOG and it is now available for all of us to discuss TRIZ and Innovation from and for India. Why India? Why TRIZ only for Innovation?India because we believe India is the world's Innovation Tipping Point now. It is going to create multiple impacts in a decade or so and the Globe will looking at the Innovation Leadership from India, if it is not already looking at it. The simple reason why India works is the inherent complexity of India to absorb and respond to more complexity that the world is creating. India thrives in complexity and thats a fantastic situation to be in.However, India also has problems of being a constrained by many ills. The solutions lies in exploring Innovation systematically. It will only happen through a country wide initiative to take us to the stage where we define the new world that we want to inhabit.We believe that Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - the TRIZ or at least TRIZ Thinking is the vehicle to catapult India into future.We Invite all readers to join in this journey @ TRIZ INDIA FORUM.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TRIZ- Systematic Innovation - From Prashant

Don't Pour One More Please.... Our Glass is full....

Hello everybody, I am Prashant. I am trying my best to grasp TRIZ with a child's inquisitiveness. These days everyone talks about WHY part of Innovation but no one really talks about HOW part of it. My conviction tells me that TRIZ provides an answer to that HOW part.

Taking TRIZ to people is not an easy task, as most people believe that creativity and Innovation capability belongs to genius individuals and therefore they have apprehensions about venturing into this territory. Many people whom world knows as genius were like you & me, the only quality they had in them was their ability to quickly unlearn & ask questions challenging the status-quo. (Ideal Final Result)

Another major risk that they perceive is systematic innovation may be a time consuming process and may not be congruent with the expectations of free, perfect & now world.

Every organization has proponents of various approaches like SIX SIGMA, Lean, TOC, TPM etc. They try their best to influence top management to bless them & their approach and recognize it as an Organizational approach. My tryst with such approaches made me realize that at one point in time, one requires applying his brain and needs to do some serious thinking to get real breakthrough solutions for quantum improvements. In my opinion all these approaches fell short in thinking part. Ground reality is that people are really tired to pursue these approaches as they don't fully owe them and view them as someone else's aspiration which they need to blindly follow & execute. Few organizations drag with these things as they don't want to appear backward in this globalised world. On backdrop of all this if you approach people with TRIZ, their initial reaction is not very encouraging. We need to change this and adapt ingenious ways to propagate this wonderful Innovation Science.

I will conclude this discussion with a small story; when PARSIS came to India, they landed in the west coast & requested LOCAL king for a shelter. King was not willing as it meant an additional burden to his Kingdom and that too also of an outsider. To convey his decision he sent a glass full of milk indicating that he can not accommodate them. PARSIS put a spoonful of sugar in it and returned the glass to the king. The message was very clear that their community ( TRIZ approach in our case) will get well mixed with locals ( Existing Initiatives) adding value to their endeavours.( Much desired SWEETNESS). The moral of the story is that we need to integrate TRIZ with each of the contemporary approaches so well that it creates a unique value a TRIZ Value. I am sure TRIZ has power to enhance Innovation Quotient of an individual and also that of an organization. which is also the need of the hour.

Chak De......

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